A versatile programmer with 6 years' industry experience from scientific computing and research to web and mobile development. Focused heavily for the last 5 years on Python-powered web technologies. Experienced with both insular, client-oriented projects and large, distributed applications.

languages & frameworks

  • python, 4.5 years
    web development, data analysis, general usage
  • django, 3.5 years
  • sql, 3.5 years
    postgres, mysql, sqlite, primarily via orm
  • javascript, 3.5 years
    jquery, d3, extjs, node
  • php, 2.5 years
  • java, 2 years
  • android, 1 year
  • r, 6 months
  • common lisp, 6 months
    machine learning
  • c++, 3.5 years
    native language, computational modeling, jet analysis

tools and technologies

  • git, svn, jetbrains ides, vagrant, docker
  • tox, junit, phpunit, jasmine, robot, saucelabs
  • apache, lighttpd, iis, elasticsearch, logstash/filebeat, kibana, kafka
  • ansible, saltstack, jenkins ci, travis ci

spoken languages

  • English, native
  • German, B1 + 5 years immersion
  • Spanish, Basic


For information about my current employer, please contact me below
03.2013 – 05.2015

Web Developer
jumediavision GbR
Kirchzarten, Germany


  • promoted from part-time programmer to head of development in 6 months
  • shipped 13 small-business websites
  • developed an internal app to build and configure new projects based on an intake form, linking it with a client database
  • reduced server errors and warnings by more than 96%
  • documented websites and technologies used on a legacy server with 88 unique domains
  • reorganized the development department, introducing modern practices (scm, tdd, agile development) into the work flow


  • front- and backend development, server maintenance, web mastering, client relations, and troubleshooting


  • python, php, mysql, javascript
  • django, jquery, mootools
  • wordpress, joomla, cms2day, fancycms
10.2011 – Present



  • developed a location-dependent messaging platform for android
  • designed a subconscious decision-making model for a robotics research group
  • assisted 2 small businesses in setting up a web presence and configuring various web services
  • built and designed a website for an arts festival


  • python, django, java, android, common lisp, php
  • apache, iis 7, mysql, postgres, sqlite, git
  • ubuntu, centos, windows server 2008
  • wagtail, wordpress, mediawiki



A simple AJAX pull-framework for Django


A toolkit for converting between SublimeText snippets and Jetbrains live templates

Djaneiro for Pycharm

a port of the Sublime Text plugin of the same name to PyCharm


a universal wrapper around various JavaScript charting libraries


2006 – 2010

Candidate for B.S. in Physics, minor in Math
Louisisana Tech University
Ruston, LA, USA

relevant coursework and experience

  • maintained the server for the center for applied physics studies
  • co-designed a graduate course on non-linear dynamics and chaos, heavily focusing on computational modeling in c++
  • used cern's jet-finding libraries to analyze the self-similar and self-affine properties of jet production
2012 – 2013

B1 certification in German
Freiburg, Germany


  • threshold proficiency
  • social and cultural integration course



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I'm currently employed, but if you'd like to make arrangements for the future, I'm up for many kinds of dev work as long as the problems are interesting, particularly mobile development, data analysis and visualization, and research. I would be open to both remote and in-house work.

I love a challenge as much as an adventure, so I would consider relocating up to 20K km(~12K miles). Bonus points for warm, english-speaking islands. Relocation normal to the earth's surface is open to further negotiation